Hemalyke Papal Ladder Rosary Catholic Handmade Devotional

The Rosary Lady

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This handsome rosary is made from 8mm Hemalyke beads, a synthetic stone made to look like Hematite - a natural gemstone - but without the cost. It is a lovely gunmetal gray with a mirror finish and warms to the touch. The rosary is quite substantial and has a nice weight in the hands.

The Papal crucifix is made of nickel silver, it is the same one used by and seen often in photos of Saint John Paul II when he was Pope. The Marian center, which has The Sacred Heart of Jesus on the reverse, is also made of nickel silver, as are the eye pins. The Our Father beads have filigree base metal bead caps.

The rosary measures 24.5 inches when laid flat. It will NOT fit in the standard size rosary pouch. It would make a wonderful Father's Day, Confirmation or Anniversary gift.

The Ladder Rosary has an interesting history. Some trace the first Ladder Rosary to the vision of St. Dominic in which he saw souls climbing to heaven on the Rosary. Others point to the vision of St. Francis De Sales who saw two ladders leading to Heaven: a rather steep one leading directly to Jesus and another, far less steep, leading towards Mary. Jesus told St. Francis, "Tell your sons to come by the other ladder". The easiest way to Jesus is through his Mother Mary. It is also sometimes referred to as a Ladder to Heaven Rosary.


All of our rosaries are handcrafted with pride of workmanship in our non-smoking facility. We use wire wrapped "bows" as connectors on all of our rosaries, making for a sturdy rosary that will withstand even the hardiest of prayer warriors. Because of this, we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship.

We are happy to design a custom rosary for you anytime!