Handmade Ladybug Glass Bead Catholic Rosary

The Rosary Lady

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This whimsical rosary is made with 6mm Czech Druk glass beads for the Hail Marys and 12x9mm lampwork glass ladybugs for the Our Father beads. Adorable ladybug beads have big, playful eyes with black dots on the top and tiny black dots (legs) on the bottom. The quality glass beads are handmade using an involved lampwork process. Handmade beads will vary slightly in shape and size.

The center medal is a cut out of Our Lady of Grace, with the Miraculous Medal symbol on the reverse. The crucifix has stars and flowers on it. Both pieces are made of nickel silver, as is the wire used to string the rosary.

This rosary measures 21.5 inches when laid flat.

The Legend of the Ladybug

According to European folklore, sometime during the Middle Ages, a horde of insects descended upon vast land holdings owned by several lords. The voracious insects chomped their way across fields, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake. Fearful that all their food crops would be destroyed, the serfs and all the lords and ladies prayed to the Virgin Mary for help.

A host of red and black beetles appeared. The beetles ate all the invading insects until; at last, all the crops were saved. From that day forward, these beetles became known as "Our Lady's bugs", or "Ladybugs."

We arm ourselves with the power of the rosary and the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother.


All of our rosaries are handcrafted with pride of workmanship in our smoke-free facility. We use wire wrapped "bows" as connectors on all of our rosaries, making for a sturdy rosary that will withstand even the hardiest of prayer warriors. Because of this, we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship.

We are happy to design a custom rosary for you anytime!